That town called Unity

If you have been paying attention to the news, you probably know that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be making their first joint appearance Friday in a little town called Unity, NH. The Concord Monitor has a good article about the town and event.

It is pretty amazing that any presidential candidate is going there. I grew up in the next town over (Goshen), a town that was even smaller then Unity. No one of any importance ever goes to small towns in that area. There is just nothing there and no money either (thus pretty hard to get people to donate much). The bigger towns and cities in the area get visited occasionally (Claremont, Newport, Sunapee, New London) in the primaries, with Claremont seeing a sitting President or Presidential nominee occassionally. But a town like Unity? Never. Not even in the primaries here. Most candidates looking for a small town to visit go up North.

I just find it real funny that it is happening there. This is a town with no stoplights (at least Goshen has a blinking light or two), 1 general store, no high school, no high speed internet or cable TV, 1 main road in/out of the town, few if any businesses, etc. It is the type of town where they will put a town historical event marker in that spot where the rally is held, because in hindsight it will be so remarkable that it happened.

Pretty neat. Wish I could attend.