Troubleshooting Windows sucks

Looking at a cousin of mine’s laptop and I have been trying to clean out some virus/spyware issues on it. The key word is “trying” as Windows XP loves to throw up random cryptic error messages when you least expect it. Now Automatic Updates service won’t turn on and all the web sites I find talking about the error talk about fixes that don’t work on this laptop.

Days like this remind me why I like Mac OS X and why even Windows Vista is better then Windows XP. It is true that Windows Vista has its share of issues, but I have observed that it is much more secure then past versions of Windows. The crap that is on my cousin’s laptop is much less likely to show up on a Vista machine. Simple as that and none of this stuff happens on Mac OS X. That is why I have used only Macs at home since 2005.

At work it is a different story, my day job involves almost all computers using Windows XP. But the computers are locked down enough and well protected that I don’t remember the last time I ran into a computer with spyware.

Windows XP at this point = great OS for corporate users. At home? Please, upgrade to Vista or better yet, the Mac.