Just in case any of you were wondering, I was not in the path of the tornado that went through eastern NH today. I was about 15-20 miles away from where it struck. We had some very bad storms today but I never thought a tornado would come here of all places. Relatives I had […]

The Great Technology Battle of 2008

A week ago today, I was ready to declare war on my e-mail, address book, and basically my electronic existence. My life is built around technology. It has been part of my existence as long as I remember. It is my career. Yet, it was slowly drowning me. How could I turn this around I thought? Technology is […]

iPhone feature request #1

I would like to make an iPhone feature request. Who knows if anyone at Apple will listen, but here goes nothing. I have my home button setup to show the limited iPod controls (pause, previous track, next track, close, iPod) when pressing it twice. What a fantastic little hidden feature! It would be even better […]

Backups with Time Capsule

Backups are always a touchy subject. I can’t remember how many times I have listened to a frantic phone call, with a person on the other end near the point of the tears…all over the fact their photos from <insert trip> were on what is now a dead hard drive. The first thing I ask […]

Applescripts for iTunes

Just about every AppleScript possible for iTunes can be found at Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes. One I just tried and worked brilliantly is Super Remove Dead Tracks. Another one I use on occasion is Make Bookmarkable, which is fantastic for those of you who rip audiobooks from CD’s and would like to put them in the Audiobooks section of […]

Baseball trade rumors masters

This is a plug and a worthy one at that. If you have any interest in baseball, subscribe to the RSS feed for the fantastic blog. These guys are the masters of tracking down every rumor of any remotely possible trade in Major League Baseball, even at the minor league level. They seriously must […]

Bye bye WRT54G, hello Time Capsule

My old Linksys WRT54G router, which survived 24/7 operation for over 4 years, numerous firmware upgrades using open source firmwares, and sometimes room temperatures probably in the 90 degree mark has finally died. I noticed this afternoon my wireless signal all the sudden got really flakey and then just flat out stopped. Numerous reboots and […]

4th of July

I would like to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July to everyone in the United States! I think everyone should re-read the famous document that made all of this possible. It is an amazing piece of work.