Bye bye WRT54G, hello Time Capsule

My old Linksys WRT54G router, which survived 24/7 operation for over 4 years, numerous firmware upgrades using open source firmwares, and sometimes room temperatures probably in the 90 degree mark has finally died. I noticed this afternoon my wireless signal all the sudden got really flakey and then just flat out stopped. Numerous reboots and resetting of the firmware did nothing to fix it. Probably some cheap soldering job finally gave way.

This provided the perfect opportunity for me to purchase a 500GB Time Capsule from Apple. The product has intrigued me since it was released several months ago and I have occasionally considered about purchasing one. Having a laptop, it is a real struggle to get reliable and frequent backups given that I have to remember to plug in an external hard drive every time. Backups sometimes will happen with weeks between them.

I have been playing with fire far too long. Now with a Time Capsule, backups hopefully will be reliable and frequent. Setup was painless, I plugged in an ethernet cable to get the fastest initial backup possible, and now it is backing up everything on the laptop (~66.5 GB).

I took the opportunity to move my wireless router and cable modem back into the living room, where it is usually cooler during the day when the air conditioner is on. I am re-arranging the room a little bit to have a better office area. Should work great.

I will post further thoughts and reviews as I have time to use this Time Capsule.