Condo owners

As of yesterday, my wife and I own our first home: the condo we have lived in for the past four years. My father-in-law sold it to us and the transaction was finally completed yesterday.

We are very happy and can’t wait to start making some improvements to this place. Assuming it is affordable, we are going to replace the bedroom windows and maybe our sliding door that goes out to the patio. The bedroom windows are in really bad shape and the sliding door isn’t much better. Given that the scary “w” word is approaching, it makes sense to get this taken care of. Not to mention, it helps keep our condo fee lower if we have energy efficient windows.

After that, we have a number of projects to work on over the fall and winter. Probably would be a good opportunity to paint some of the rooms here. I want to keep watch and see if I can score a great deal for a thru-the-wall air conditioner with the season almost being over. The model we have is at least 20-years-old (the condo was built in 1983) and might even be the original one.

Anyways, it is exciting news and I hope we can make this a good investment.

DreamHost invitations

I have 5 special DreamHost invitations for people who need web hosting:

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Goodbye Manny

With yesterday’s trade of Manny Ramirez, it marked the end of an era in Red Sox history. Gone forever are the self absorbed superstars that Theo Epsetin inherited when he became GM. It took 5 years, but they are gone.

Now we have a team comprised of professionals, many who fit the classic dirt dog type of player that Boston fans love. Players we are proud to say are on our team.