15 reasons why I am voting for Barack Obama

On Tuesday, the rest of America who hasn’t voted early will cast their ballots and sometime that evening, we will have a new President. The differences couldn’t be greater between John McCain and Barack Obama. In what is the most important election of my lifetime, I am proud to say I will vote for Barack Obama.

Here are my 15 reasons why I made this decision:

  1. Obama symbolizes everything you hear about the “American Dream.”  A mother from Kansas, a father from Kenya that he only met once at the age of 10, a childhood living in Hawaii and Indonesia. He works hard, becomes a community organizer in Chicago earning just $10,000 a year, president of the Harvard Law Review, state senator, U.S. Senator, beat the Clintons in the primaries, and now a chance at becoming President of the United States of America by winning over probably the most well known senator in the United States, John McCain. Just think about that for one moment.
  2. Until Obama became known nationally in 2004 and was able to sell lots of copies of his books, he and his wife were still paying off their student loans and trying to make ends meet. He spent several years working as a community organizer for $10,000 a year. He knows how it is like to have to live within his means, unlike McCain who came from a priviledged family, who’s wife is worth over $100 million, and who has at least 7 homes. Obama knows much better then McCain how decisions affect those who aren’t rich.
  3. 95% of Americans will not see their taxes raise one cent and many of them will have a tax decrease, far more then John McCain’s plan. My wife and I will see our taxes reduced as a result of this and make out better with Obama compared to McCain’s plan. Good for the wallet, good for the economy.
  4. I am favor of reasonable regulation of the financial markets, as long as the overall core tenants of captialism are preserved. The Bush Administration repealled many common sense regulations, which resulted in today’s financial disaster. Obama showed calm leadership during this crisis, carefully learning all he could then offering 4 strict guidelines that must be followed to gain his support. McCain changed his response every day, suspended his campaign to hurry back to Washington to get his name on any proposal, and then remained almost entirely silent in the infamous White House meeting.
  5. My wife is a teacher at a daycare, one of the most underappreciated jobs in America. Obama’s “Zero to Five” plan to help children from infancy until kindergarden get a head start hits home with her. Every piece of Obama’s plans for education hits home for us directly or indirectly. Education funding is one of the most important things we can do to keep America strong and a leader in the world. McCain meanwhile once suggested that the Department of Education be eliminated.
  6. Along these lines, I am a strong believer in the tuition benefit Obama proposed for community service. I would have done it if it existed for me during college.
  7. I lost a dear cousin of mine to suicide nearly 10 months ago. One of the reasons for that her depression went out of control was the fact that she lost her job and her health care coverage, which resulted in her not having the money to purchase the perscriptions she needed to keep her diabetes under control. Her health mentally and physically quickly went downhill and we lost her. Health care is out of control in the United States. We need sensible, reasonable, and affordable health care to those who do not have access to it through their employers or can’t afford their employer’s plan. Without healthy people, the country’s workforce cannot operate at maximum efficiency. Billions are lost every year because people are forced to work when sick and then they consider the emergancy room their insurance. That is not right. Obama has a plan to get health care coverage to those who need it the most. It isn’t socialized health care that everyone will be forced to ahve, it is health care for those who don’t have it. McCain has a $5000 tax credit for health care, which wouldn’t cover most family’s coverage, nevermind all of their medical bills. McCain’s philosophy on health care is basically pray you don’t get sick and have to miss work. That has worked out very well now hasn’t it?
  8. I have long been a proponent of investment into clean energy to not only help the environment, but to remove our dependence on fossil fuels that will at some point run out. Obama’s plan to help develop this technology is vital for the future of this country. As this past summer suggested, we cannot depend on foreign energy anymore. To control our destiny, we need to have our own energy.
  9. I initially supported the Iraq War for one reason: that the evidence the Bush administration claimed it had about Saddam having WMD. When it turned out this evidence was at best from shaky sources who were wrong, I felt betrayed. Obama was against the war from the start, smarting raising many points about what could wrong, many of which did end up going wrong, including the sectarian violence. John McCain never apologized for supporting a war that was started under false pretenses, a war he voted to start. He had access to the evidence that I did not have access to. He would have raised caution about it, he could have requested more time to make sure they were making the right decision. McCain instead was all in for the war, egging it on.
  10. I cannot support someone who doesn’t have the temperment to make sure the reasons to go to war are the right reasons. When a presidential candidate sings “Bomb, Bomb, Iran”, I simply cannot take him seriously. He is joking about something that will result in lives lost on both sides, including Americans. That is not funny. End of story.
  11. I firmly believe that you have to talk to everyone, friends and enemies alike. That is the only way problems get solved. And you can’t solve problems when you refuse to talk to someone until they follow your preconditions.
  12. Obama built the first citizens driven campaign. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised by him, with average contributions of less then $100 per person. That is democracy at its best. He then built the best campaign organization in history, using it to beat the Clintons and hopefully, McCain. That brings out the best of campaign finance reform in my eyes.
  13. Obama’s stance on net neutrality is extremely important to me. If you want to preserve how the Internet works today, vote for net neutrality.
  14. No politican in my lifetime has inspired me more then Obama. I have read his books, seen countless speeches by him on TV, and have even seen him in person. A big part of a President’s job is to inspire people to do what is right for America. Obama is the first president in my lifetime who does this.
  15. I want a president who I can trust. I trust Obama, I do not trust McCain.