A few days for perspective

Some of you may have been surprised that I haven’t written about the election results from a few days ago. Part of it is that I wanted a few days to get off of my emotional high. Part of it is that I wanted to properly format my thoughts in regards to what the election of Barack Obama as our president means.

I am so proud of my country for so many reasons. For the first time, I am actually proud of who will be running our country. I don’t remember Reagan, I barely remember Bush Sr., I never liked how Clinton had no discipline or self control, and I clearly detested everything that Bush Jr.

It is good that we will have someone in office who can actualy speak, who is actually intelligent, who knows how to ask questions, and who knows how to build grassroots support to implement his ideas. Heck even his press conference yesterday was amazing, as it was clearly different from a Bush Jr. press conference.

Speaking from the viewpoint of my profession, it is also great to have someone in the White House who clearly understands technology and the role it can play in America.

I am so proud to live in this great country.