The No-Deal for Teixeira

Imagine my shock when my friend Matt messaged me that Mark Teixeira signed with the Yankees. While I wasn’t exactly thrilled with him¬†possibly¬†going to the Red Sox either, Teixeira going to the Yankees was a momentary kick in the gut I didn’t want two days before Christmas. In the short term, it is a great […]

Power outages continue

In day two of the Ice Storm of 2008 here in Manchester, New Hampshire. My wife and I are alright and staying warm at my parents house. Finally got a hold of the condo office and they said there is still no power there for 36 straight hours now. Over 380,000 people are still without […]

Ice Storm of 2008

Here in New Hampshire we woke up to a major ice storm. Over 200,000 people are without power (including my home) and there are downed trees everywhere. While ice on trees look beautiful, it is so destructive! Temps at the moment are 34 degrees, which is just 2 degrees above freezing. So much water everywhere, […]

New Red Sox uniforms

Looks like the Red Sox will have new uniforms for the 2009 season. You can see pictures of them on the very coincidentally linked online store. The traditional B hat will still be the primary hat, but there will also be a “hanging sox” alternate hat along with alternate home/away jerseys (all red or all […]

A tragic situation

My brother Dan has an amazing hobby that he does during his limited spare time: being a concert photographer. He travels the Northeast taking photos of everything from the top punk bands to the greenest of new bands, posting his finished results on his web site This hobby of his allows him to see […]

Reason #1040 why I love my iPhone came out today with their own native iPhone application. In itself, you may wonder why did they do that? had one of the best web sites designed for the iPhone, a striking simple and easy-to-use site that allowed you to do everything needed to empty your wallet with just a single-click. Why bother […]