A tragic situation

My brother Dan has an amazing hobby that he does during his limited spare time: being a concert photographer. He travels the Northeast taking photos of everything from the top punk bands to the greenest of new bands, posting his finished results on his web site Future-Breed.com. This hobby of his allows him to see and hear so many bands, some for the first time, some for his 20th time. It is as if he is documenting history of the Boston punk scene. However, occasionally there is a very sad side to it as he discovered late last week.

My brother last Thursday night went to a show at Boston University just like he went to hundreds of others. Among the bands there were Last Lights, a band my brother hadn’t seen before but heard much about. He was so blown away by their performance he told the band that he would be at their show the next day and any others in the future that he could make. In particular, he was particularly struck by the intensity of their lead singer, Dominic Mallary. My brother’s photos chronicle the band’s set.

Little did my brother know, tragedy struck that night, as the lead signer of Last Lights, Dominic Mallary, had passed away just hours after the show. As part of his act, he would often wrap the mic cord around his neck during an intense part of the show. This time, this apparently caused a blood clot that turned into an aneurysm that traveled to his brain, causing him to die just hours after the show. My brother’s photos of the show are the last known photos of Dominic, who died doing what he loved best.

My brother has handled this situation with absolute class, being in touch with the band and family over the past week. He allowed the family and band to use photos from that last concert for memorial efforts as well as using the photos to help fundraise to pay for Dominic’s funeral.  I am very proud of my brother for helping them the best he can.

He has also allowed the local media to use some of his photos in their stories about this tragic death. The Boston Globe wrote a very well done story that uses one of his photos. WHDH Channel 7, also out of Boston, aired a story last night that incorporates several of my brother’s photos.

My deepest sympathy’s to Dominic’s family, band, and fans. What a heartbreaking story.