Power outages continue

In day two of the Ice Storm of 2008 here in Manchester, New Hampshire.

My wife and I are alright and staying warm at my parents house. Finally got a hold of the condo office and they said there is still no power there for 36 straight hours now. Over 380,000 people are still without power in New Hampshire. A road right next to our street is closed with downed power lines and we suspect that is the cause of our power outage.

Our food in the refrigerator is probably spoiled at this point or rapidly approaching that point and will all have to be thrown out. Don’t want to risk getting sick from it later.

Thanks for the thoughts, we are fine and quite warm, well fed from my fantastic parents, and will do our best until power returns. Stay warm everyone, temps are dropping tonight again.

Don’t know what we are going to do tomorrow night if there is no power still. We both have to work on Monday. Concord is easy to get to from Sunapee, but Bedford is a lot harder, over a hour drive each way. We will cross that bridge when it arrives.