Reason #1040 why I love my iPhone came out today with their own native iPhone application. In itself, you may wonder why did they do that? had one of the best web sites designed for the iPhone, a striking simple and easy-to-use site that allowed you to do everything needed to empty your wallet with just a single-click. Why bother with an iPhone app?

Well the Amazon app is somehow even faster then the web app. It is easier to use and even has some really unique features. Like the feature that lets you take a picture of any item, sending it to amazon where they have a human analyze it, and within 5 minutes getting an e-mail with a link to the item on, ready for purchase.

How cool is that? I can instantly see myself going to a store, finding an item that seems overpriced, send a picture to Amazon, and by the time I do the rest of my shopping find out if Amazon has it for cheaper. Or at a friends house, seeing an item but not knowing the exact name, and checking to see if Amazon has it.

Did I mention that I love my iPhone?