The No-Deal for Teixeira

Imagine my shock when my friend Matt messaged me that Mark Teixeira signed with the Yankees. While I wasn’t exactly thrilled with him possibly going to the Red Sox either, Teixeira going to the Yankees was a momentary kick in the gut I didn’t want two days before Christmas.

In the short term, it is a great deal for the Yankees. They get a big upgrade at 1B offensively and defensively over the departed Giambi.

In the long term? I really think they are going to regret that contract. Signing any player at the age of 28 or higher for 8 seasons is insane (don’t get me started on a pitcher getting nearly the same deal, like CC Sabathia was given), especially if it has a no-trade clause involved. Way too much can happen in that time frame. For example, Jason Giambi was better then Teixeira when he signed with the Yankees. Steroids, injuries, investigations, and who knows what else significantly altered him and he was never the same player.

Ok, getting onto the Sabathia deal, it is flat out insane to sign a pitcher for 7 seasons with the workload Sabathia had in his past. He’s a prime candidate to lose at least 2 of those seasons to injuries and have at least a couple more seasons of being an average or barely above average pitcher.

Of course, when the Yankees move from their original plan of developing young talent and being smart spending wise, I am always happy. Whatever resources they have tied up into single players, that makes things easier for the Red Sox, who are becoming quite good at bargain hunting with prospects, diamonds in the roughs, and then occasionally splurging to fill a gap.