2009 Resolutions

In 2008, I intentionally only had two New Year’s resolutions in order to increase the likelyhood of successfully completeing them.

The first was to get some of my debt paid off (credit cards and if I was lucky, a loan) and the second was to write more on this site.

I am glad to say is I succeeded in getting all of my credit card debt paid off. I was unable to pay off any loans, but the fact that I did get the credit cards paid off was an enourmous confidence booster.

However, writing more on this web site was a mixed bag. I wrote more earlier in the year, but definitely slacked off towards the end. Gotta work on that more this year.

My 2009 resolutions are:

  • Pay off my car loan – With my wife’s car “circling the drain” (that’s my father’s favorite saying when a car is on its last legs), it has become priority number one for 2009 to pay off my car loan. I have become a firm believer in how bad car loans are for any person, as cars never gain in value.  So I am working constructing a plan to get the last $5800 on my car loan paid off this year and be able to save up enough to get my wife a different car if her’s dies.
  • Exercise more – When I first started working at my current employer, I became a frequent visitor to the company gym and for the first time in my began to really increase my strength. Over a year ago though, I stumbled and became very lax in my gym visits before they stopped completely. I need to return to the gym more dedicated then ever. My goal is to visit the gym 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).
  • Read more – While I read a ton of web sites online (thanks to Google Reader), I really want to get more into reading books again. I find that I learn the most when I read books and reading them keeps my mind very sharp.

Here is to a great 2009!