Goodbye 2008

2008 was a  year that I am going to be sorting through for years to come. There were great highs that I never dreamed of and the worst of lows for me.

The lows:

  • Goodbye Jen – Just 22 days into 2008, I lost a beloved cousin of mine to suicide. I’m still trying to cope with the fallout from losing her. We grew up together, graduated in the same high school class, and had many mutual friends. She was almost like an unofficial sister. I think about her every day, sometimes at the most random moments when something reminds me of her. The guilt of not knowing what she was going through (and thus not helping her) until it was too late will be with me for the rest of my life. Rest in Peace.
  • The Economy – While my life and I are lucky to have a good job, my 401k has declined by nearly 50% and the economy is in very rough shape. I am optimistic for 2009, but it is going worse before it gets better.
  • Ice Storm of ’08 – 3 days of no power seems insignificant compared to other people I know who went 6-12 days without power. I still hear that there is a few scattered homes without power still. I know one thing is for sure, I will take snow any day over ice.

The highs:

  • Banner #17 – The Boston Celtics pull off two big trades,  play the best basketball I have seen in my lifetime, and won banner #17. I grew up hearing about the great Celtics teams, but forced to watch the worst of the worst Celtics teams. This made it all worth it.
  • Patriots Perfect Regular Season – It didn’t end with ring #4 (still bitter about that one…) but they were clearly the most dominating football team I have ever seen. Don’t expect any team to match a 16-0 season again. Too bad they couldn’t stretch the magic to the Super Bowl.
  • A new President – Finally we elected a President who actually knows how to lead. Already a 1000% improvement over Bush and he hasn’t even taken office yet.
  • Employment – My job is at a very stable company and weathered 2008 well.
  • Working off the debt – The credit cards have been paid off. This month, I will begin working on paying off my car with the goal accomplishing the payoff by the end of 2009.
  • Family & Friends – With the death of my cousin earlier this year, I certainly became much closer with family and friends, especially those who went to high school with my cousin and I. I cannot thank them enough for their support. They helped me get through the darkest time of my life.
  • My wife – She rocks. Been married over a year and couldn’t imagine it any other way. Thank you.

In the end, I don’t know how to rate 2008. It will be one of those years that I will have to reflect on when I grow old and wise.

One thought on “Goodbye 2008

  1. Seems the highs beat the lows — moreso considering the lows were things out of your control, and many of the highs were things in your control. It shows you didn’t screw up too much last year. 🙂

    Hope you have a great 2009, so long as your sports teams lose to mine.. 😉

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