Fantasy Baseball 2009

It has been quite awhile since I have written. Yesterday was my yearly fantasy baseball draft and I think I put together a nice club that has potential to be very good.

My draft position was 13th due to winning my division last year and going deep into the playoffs. This meant I was going to miss out on some really fantastic star players who weren’t keepers for whatever reason. So I had to adjust my strategy quite a bit, as I would lose out on lots of good players in between turns. I took some risks with younger players who haven’t lived up to their potential yet or haven’t proven their performances haven’t been flukes. I also took some considerable risks with older veterans, although I will not be relying on them to carry my team. With the way the league I am in is designed, I have to take risks like this to stay in the playoffs 2 seasons in a row, else if I play it too safe, I do not think I will make it past .500.

Why no closers on my list? Simple, two of the teams were on autopick and as a result, they got 7 closers apiece! While some other teams picked up closers during the draft, several teams including mine decided to go without a closer and hope that these two teams either drop or trade their surplus closers.

Below are the results of my draft:

  1. 1B Albert Pujols (Keeper)
  2. 2B Dustin Pedroia (Keeper)
  3. SP Dan Haren
  4. SP Cliff Lee
  5. OF Ryan Ledwick
  6. OF Delmon Young
  7. SS J.J. Hardy
  8. SP Adam Wainwright
  9. SP Zack Greinke
  10. 3B Hank Blalock
  11. OF Jayson Werth
  12. 1B Jason Giambi
  13. 2B Aaron Hill
  14. C Jorge Posada
  15. OF Brian Giles
  16. SP Mark Buehrle
  17. DH Travis Hafner
  18. OF Mike Cameron
  19. RP Scot Shields
  20. RP Rafael Soriano
  21. 1B Nick Johnson
  22. 2B Mark Ellis
  23. RP Manny Delcarmen
  24. SP Pedro Martinez
  25. OF Gary Sheffield

Immediately after the draft, I did do some free agent signings and cut some players. Sheffield and Delcarmen are gone.

I think my team will be above .500, which in my division almost always results in a playoff spot and sometimes even the division title.