A tale of good support

I have been doing customer support in the IT field since I was 17-years-old and since I was 12 if you count family, relatives, and friends. I used to work for a company that is famous its customer support and I am currently working for a company that has the best customer support team in the DNS business. So it is fair to say I know a thing or two about customer support.

Today I had to take a trip down to the Apple Store in Salem, NH to have my wife’s and I’s iPhone’s fixed. In my case, I knew my iPhone would probably be replaced due to some hairline cracks by the silent switch, but my wife’s iPhone had an intermittent problem where the iPhone would claim headphones were plugged in even though they weren’t. Of course, the issue did not happen when I was at the Apple Store either.

I dealt with a nice genius who immediately took a look at both iPhones and without even duplicating the issue on my wife’s iPhone, replaced both immediately. Within 10 minutes my wife and I were walking out with brand new iPhones (3G version…didn’t want to press my luck asking for a 3GS). Other companies I have dealt with? They would almost certianly blame the silent switch cracks on me and would probably force me to come back when my wife’s iPhone was actually thinking it had a headphone plugged in. Yet this genius took care of everything instantly without questions, even without being able to duplicate one of the issues.

Hat tip to Apple. Clearly shows how their stores are winning the hearts and minds of my generation.