GeoCities shutting down today

For many of us who first started using the World Wide Web back in the day (around 1995-1996), our first web site was often hosted on GeoCities (for more information, read the Wikipedia entry on GeoCities) It was truly a novel concept back then and everyone took full advantage of having their own web sites with blinking text and MIDI files everywhere. That made me quite sad to learn that GeoCities is closing its doors today. has a copy of my first web site. It was called From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah and was a fan site by a young 14-year-old Nirvana fan. Looks like it was created in the Fall of 1996 judging by the news page.

Thanks to it should be available permanently through the link above. I have also archived it myself. Not sure if I am going to throw the HTML files onto a subdomain somewhere on my site, but it brings back some good memories. R.I.P. GeoCities.