Get my name right

I could understand back in the day having some odd limit of the number of first characters that will be printed and saved on some old computer systems. This is weeks away from 2010 though and I am still seeing my name occasionally cut off at 10 characters.

My full legal first name is Christopher, which I really only use on official documents, shopping orders, etc. Everyone knows me by Chris though. Yet there is at least two companies I have dealt with in the past several years who think my name is Christophe due to a 10-character limit on first names in their computer system.

This can either be an annoyance in the case of BJ’s Wholesale Club, who thinks a Christophe should renew his membership today. Or it was downright aggravating when for an entire Honeymoon cruise back in 2007 the crew made up of foreigners who obviously didn’t know Christophe was really Christopher, called me Christophe the entire cruise. At that point, 25 odd years of my natural reaction to being known by Chris and Christopher weren’t going to change for 1 week.

This is a call to all the companies out there who want to do business with me. Get my name right. Fix your system’s limitations so I am not Christophe. It is the 21st century and almost 2010. I am not the only person with this issue.