A computer for most of us

I am really excited about the Apple iPad that was announced a few days ago. It seems like it would solve a lot of computing issues not just for me, but most every day people who aren’t computer experts. This appears to be the first computer that I would feel absolutely comfortable with my grandmother to […]

How to contribute to Haiti rescue efforts

My heart absolutely breaks for everyone in Haiti dealing with the catastrophic earthquake that struck just over 24 hours ago.  I wanted to do my own small contribution to those efforts and have donated some money to UNICEF. You can also donate by going to the Support Disaster Relief in Haiti page ran by Google. […]

How could I get rid of cable TV?

My earlier post on using Netflix on my cable TV has gotten me thinking. Realistically, how could I realistically ditch my Cable TV bill and use just Internet streaming, over-the-air TV signals, and DVD rentals? A move that could easily save me $60 a month. After some careful consideration, I think the following would need […]