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Should I cancel my MySpace account?

My wife just canceled her MySpace account. This follows my brother Justin also canceling his. Should I do it too?

I never use my MySpace account. I think the last time someone posted on in was months ago. I log in once every few months, usually out of boredom.

Yet there is one big reason I am holding back. My dear cousin Jennifer who passed away almost two years ago has her MySpace page. Back when she passed away, her MySpace page provided viable insight on what was sadly happening with her as her life spiraled out control, thanks to her blog posts and comments. It has since became a memorial for her, frozen in time except for a comments feed that family and friends post on from time to time. It certainly has helped me cope with her loss, as I can “write to her” when I need to.

Deleting my MySpace account will still give me access to her page, but I will no longer be able to post on it.

I still need to think this through more. I won’t cancel my MySpace account for now.