Thank you for my first chance in this big scary world

Earlier today I attended “Breakfast with the Best” in Manchester, NH because my company was one of those being honored. While there, I met someone who was directly involved with getting me my first ever internship in my field nearly 10 years ago when I graduated from high school. I had known her personally thanks going to school with her kids.

Talking to her after so many years was great, as we caught up on everything. Sadly, one of those items was finding out that my boss at that first internship who she later became engaged to had passed away 3 years ago.

It was a shocking thing to find out, I had lost contact with him after my internship and never heard about him passing away. I remember trying several times to get in contact with him after my internship ended, but unfortunately sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. either didn’t exist or were not widely used back then, so those attempts never panned out.

I remember once he joked to me that someday he will be working for me, as he seemed to be very impressed with my skills for a then 18-year-old Help Desk intern for a local bank. He taught me so much about my field, whether it was fixing computers, to setting up networks, to dealing with internal customers. He also indirectly lead to my final internship and first job offer, as the company he worked for after the bank ended up hiring me as well right out of college. One reason I had applied was that he had worked there at one point, so I knew they must be good.

This person I talked to today told me how fond of me he was and repeated that “someday he will work for me” joke. It brought a tear to my eye and a smile as well. Without him and her taking a chance on me, I don’t know if I would be where I am today in this big scary world. I owe him for how my career has turned out.

Thank you John. I will always remember you. Someday maybe I will get a chance to manage you.