Purchased Gonyea.com

A couple of years ago, I noticed that someone was domain parking gonyea.com and trying to sell it for an absurd $999. I kept checking back every now and then to see if the domain had expired, but it kept getting renewed.

Finally I decided to place a low ball bid on the domain. The seller and I began to negotiate, finally settling on a price we both could agree on.

I am proud to be the owner of gonyea.com now, the domain transfer over to my employer DynDNS.com finishing the other day and WHOIS being properly updated. I am starting to brainstorm what I will do with it. A few ideas bouncing around my head include:

  • The main gonyea.com site is probably going to be a showcase of my brother’s and I’s various projects online. This is something we have thought about off and on for years, so it will be cool to finally get this taken care of.
  • I plan on moving my personal e-mail address from my Gmail address to a gonyea.com e-mail address.
  • genealogy.gonyea.com is almost certainly going to be created to focus on my genealogy research. I will probably let gonyeahistory.org expire since I haven’t done much with it yet and I would like to simplify the amount of domains I own.
  • I will still own , but undecided on what I want to do with it. My personal e-mail address on that domain hasn’t been officially used in years, it is just a spam collector at this point. I may shut that e-mail address down. As for this blog, I may let it live on or setup a redirect so I can move it to chris.gonyea.com. Haven’t decided yet.

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