Finally, no distractions

It is rather odd to say that it is now July and this is probably my worst season of watching the Red Sox. It isn’t even close. Between the Bruins having a nice run in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Celtics making it to Game 7 of the NBA finals, and the World Cup, it […]

In search of the perfect bank

Something I have been seriously giving thought to this year has been to switch to a different bank (or credit union). Currently I dislike the fact that I am with Bank of America, but they are getting the job done at the bare minimum. I have yet found the perfect replacement though. Bank of America […]

Disabling zoom with scrollwheel on Mac OS X

Ever since I have switched to using spaces on my Mac, I have had a maddening intermittent problem that I couldn’t figure out a solution to. Occasionally when I switched spaces using control-arrow on the keyboard, my screen would zoom in and I couldn’t figure out why. Turns out, I apparently sometimes move to fast […]