"Robbed of My Childhood" by Mary Jane Cutting

I am trying to track down a copy of a book my great-great grandmother wrote. The book, “Robbed of My Childhood,” was written by Mary Jane Cutting in 1968 (just two years before she passed away). Within it contains a largely autobiographical account of her childhood (with a few names and places changed) and how awful her step-father was to her family.

My parents somehow found a copy of the book being sold online a few years ago and were able to purchase it, but I really would like to own a copy for myself. Having a priceless first hand account of my great-great grandmother’s childhood preserved is extremely important to me.

There are several problems tracking down a copy of this book:

I am going to research who actually owns the copyright on this book by finding and examining the will of my great-great grandmother. If my great-grandmother was granted the rights to the book, that would mean children (my grandfather and his sister) would own the rights currently. Current copyright law is silly and says that the book remains copyrighted until 2063. I would love to release this book from copyright and put it into the public domain.

If there is anyone out there that currently owns a copy of this book and would like to sell it, please contact me. I will be very interested in owning a copy of this priceless (to me) book.