1940 U.S. Census

Today the 1940 U.S. Census was released to the public.

I’ve already dug on, dealt with timeouts and errors, and managed to download the complete census of Newport, NH and are currently working on Claremont, NH. Just about all of my Gonyea side of the family was within those two towns in 1940.

A few notable discoveries include:

  • My grandmother as a 2 year old living with my great-grandparents, Edwin Smart ¬†and Irma (Parker) Smart. She was on the supplemental question line, unfortunately given her age there is practically no useful info on it.
  • My quest to figure out the mystery of the Delias family continues. I found decedent Mary Gebo and her son Cornelius Gebo living together in Newport. No new clues at first glance.
  • My great-great grandmother, Mary Cutting and her daughter Maude.
  • My great-great-great grandfather, Frederick Gonyea and his wife Nora (Hadley) Gonyea in Newport, NH. This one is notable as Frederick on the supplementary question line. Not much info on there that I don’t already know given his age (79).
  • My great-great grand uncle, Alberton Gonyea with his wife Mary (Louiselle) Gonyea. This is the first census to list them living in the house they had built during the depression.
  • Apparent neighbors to Alberton is my great-great-grandparents on my mom’s side, Amos and Sylvania Parker.
  • In a census image that makes a family story a little more interesting is my great-great grandfather, Warren Daniel Gonyea and his wife Mary Julia (Fontaine) Gonyea living with their 13 year old daughter Catherine. Just down the street is the Quimby family, including a 15 year old kid by the name of Norman Quimby. Norman and Catherine would marry a few years later in what was apparently a controversial wedding from the family stories I have heard.

Still doing lots of downloading, but so far we are off to a good start!