It's the small victories that count

Back in 2008, I was ecstatic to finally pay off our last remaining car loan. No more car loans I claimed! Then by mid 2009 my wife’s car died and by fall 2010 my car needed more in repairs than it was worth. What to do? We both bought new cars.

Why did we buy new cars? Because of excellent interest rates, great warranties (my Hyundai Elantra came with a 10 year, 100k mile warranty), a tank of a car in our Subaru Legacy that could climb mountains in the winter, and very low mileage that we put on our cars daily due to our short commutes. The idea was piece of mind, knowing that these cars would need very little in the way of repairs for years and that we could pay them off relatively quickly.

I’m proud to say I scheduled the last car payment for my Hyundai Elantra and it’ll be officially paid off next week, one year early. However I’m not immediately going to tackle our Subaru Legacy car loan. Why? Because I want to desperately kill off one of my student loans (the only one with a variable interest rate, abet at a low 3.25% at the moment) that is owned by Sallie Mae. Even better news, it has about seven debt snowball size payments away from being closed out as well and interest wise, I definitely would save more interesting paying off the student loan first.

I am beyond excited at the possibility in one year to take out one of our car loans and one of my most hated student loans. Keep the debt snowball rolling!

What's next after Google Reader?

I am spending my evening tonight getting my unread count on Google Reader to zero, cleaning up my RSS subscription list, and finding what RSS reader I’m moving to. So far the winner appears to be Feed Wrangler. It seems to be getting solid reviews, it costs what I think is a reasonable amount given how much I read RSS feeds, and has great sync options.

My syncing trio that I will be experimenting with is:

And yes, I’ve backed up my OPML file.