A tough year for research

2013 has not been kind to me for genealogy research. I simply had no time to properly dedicate to my favorite hobby. There is of course many downsides, but one upside is the past week I have had time to start diving in again and with fresh eyes, some important discoveries have come about.

I’ve long been looking for Mary Gonyea (~1849), one of (perhaps the oldest) daughter of Louis Gagne (~1814-1899) and Salome LaRoque (~1823-1887). The single shred of evidence I had of her existence was a mention in old notes from my great-great uncle Alberton Gonyea (1891-1986) and a mention in the 1850 U.S. Census. Picking up this research, I discovered someone on Ancestry.com who posted an obituary from 1941 for a Mary Devins (Plattsburgh, NY) who had surviving brothers named Frank and Thomas Gonyea (Rutland, VT) , Fred Gonyea (Newport, NH) and a sister named Rosanna Pelkey. A big victory! I’m going to try and get her death certificate to see if it sheds any more light into her parents and when/where she was born. The obituary did say she was 98 years old.

Speaking of Rosanna Pelkey (1868-1953), I also found someone who posted a photo of her grave stone. Still need to track down her death certificate and obituary, but that is promising.

I also had some success tracking down the first wife of Joseph Francis Gonyea (1910-1989) (or as my family knew him, Uncle Joe), the brother of my great-grandfather Nelson Warren Gonyea (1912-1989). Her name was Alma Emmert and they and a very messy divorce from what I heard in family legends. While I haven’t found her birth date/place yet, I did find her second marriage certificate to a Perley Jordan and starting to fill in some gaps on her history.

I continue to have little success tracking down the Delias side of the family. This is the mystery I can’t seem to solve.

Not as productive as past years, but ending on a good note. Let’s see what 2014 brings.