Moving away from Google Apps?

I’ve grown more and more disappointed with Google Apps for my email as time goes on. Probably the biggest issue is the lack of proper support for IMAP, which causes many email clients such as Apple Mail to have issues with syncing to Gmail. Also the continuing bad stories of Google breaking their “do no evil” promises from their early years.

Looking at the alternatives out there and I haven’t found an exact silver bullet yet. I require complete email, contacts, and calendar support for a custom domain ( that works with iPhone and Windows Phone devices.

  • looks intriguing with IMAP support and a nice, clean interface, but it is missing DKIM support and I yet to know a single person who uses them for their own domain. My brother does work for Microsoft, so this would be very nice for him as he is totally in the windows ecosystem. Microsoft has done much better with interoperability lately, which comforts me on the iPhone side.
  • gets rave reviews and they seem to know email inside/out, but they don’t offer calendar or contact syncing yet.
  • As someone completely in the Apple ecosystem, if iCloud offered support for custom domains I would seriously consider moving there. Yet, there is no sign of Apple being interested in hosting mail for custom domains.
  • There are few other players that I have found so far.

I’m curious to hear what everyone else’s opinions are and if there are any alternatives out there to the ones I’ve mentioned here?

2 thoughts on “Moving away from Google Apps?

  1. I’m using regular Gmail for contact and calendar sync, and then email on my domain is included with my hosting. That way I’ve got complete control – such as custom SpamAssassin rules etc. It offers POP3 and IMAP.

    Have you thought about using ownCloud? That way, you host your own email, calendar and contacts. The contact sync isn’t yet fully compatible with Mozilla Thunderbird (needs an extension and it can be unreliable), if that’s an issue, but it’ll work with Mac Mail and Contacts, and on iOS.

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