Bringing back life with a SSD

For the past year or so, I would go out of my way not to use my home Macbook Pro (mid-2010 13″). It was just too slow. Minutes to boot up, especially from hibernation, made it a bear to use. Apps were slow to load, switching user profiles was a joke, and using the critical apps such as iPhoto was a joke.

Part of the problem I think is I had gotten used to SSD speeds from my work laptop, which made the Macbook feel that much slower. When the hard drive on my Macbook Pro begun showing signs of dying, I took upon the opportunity to upgrade to a SSD (Samsung 840 EVO 500GB to be exact, combined with a fresh OS install (Mavericks).

I cannot believe the performance difference. It is night and day. Boots fast, apps open/close fast, even use data heavy apps like iTunes and iPhoto is no trouble. I even have hard drive encryption with FileVault 2 enabled and it doesn’t seem to have been affected much if at all.

I now think I can easily get another couple of years out of this laptop, which for a $300 upgrade is not bad at all. And now, I want to use my home computer again. I suspect there will be an uptick in genealogy research, using computer heavy projects, etc.