YNAB: One month in

Almost a month ago I began using You Need A Budget, a financial app that is designed to help people with creating budgets and sticking with them. The goal is to help you get spending under control. As I approach the one month mark, I can say it has been a success so far.

The best part about YNAB is something that will seem odd: being required to enter in every transaction it happens. Sure it seems tedious, especially in this age of Mint, Personal Capital, and other apps that automatically download transactions and aggregate the data for you. Yet, it makes you pause before the transaction and make you think about the consequences of the transaction. Should I really go to Dunkin Donuts this morning instead of making my own breakfast? Why is my grocery bill so high? Yikes that loan takes a bite out of the budget.

Being a month in, I haven’t successfully created a full buffer yet. But I have organized my emergency fund and savings account, have all of my Pre-YNAB debt paid off, and have (I think) made significant progress in watching my spending. It’s a start, but it’s a great start.