YNAB Tip – Tracking costs of quarterly/yearly bills

I’ve developed a method of tracking those quarterly/yearly bills that don’t neatly fit into You Need A Budget’s focus on monthly scheduling. It’s really simple.

Showing some of my quarterly/yearly bill setup in YNAB
Showing some of my quarterly/yearly bill setup in YNAB

As you can see in the above screenshot, I list each of these quarterly/yearly bills in YNAB. In their title, I put when they come do (Yr for Year, Q for Quarterly) and then how much per month I need to set aside.

This makes it incredibly simple to budget every month. Glance at the Car Registration line, know it is $13 a month, and budget that amount. Done.

YNAB Moment: First Credit Card payment

I just performed my first Credit Card payment with 100% of the transactions entered into You Need A Budget and accounted for in the budget. It was another “a ha” moment for me. No longer am I playing around with credit card float to ensure I have money in the checking account to pay it off. For the first time, I have confidence that the money I need for the bill is already accounted for and in my checking account. Win!

The only bit of awkwardness left for me with YNAB is that I’m also in the process of switching banks, so I have money in two places at the moment. Hopefully will have that cleared up in the next week or so as the direct deposits are moved to our new local credit union.

VPS experiment has ended

I’ve decided to go back to a shared hosting environment for now with my sites. I just don’t have the time to properly maintain a VPS server. Plus my Dreamhost account is paid up through November. In November I’ll re-evaluate my options.