Canceling the newspaper

A couple of days ago I canceled our local newspaper that we had delivered every Sunday, saving $9.30 a month ($111.60 a year). I won’t rehash the well documented decline of the newspaper industry, but these were the reasons why I canceled:

  • We never read the physical version of the newspaper. We always read online. The three articles a day limit online is usually enough for the articles we read.
  • The coupons were often for unhealthy, processed food, so we weren’t saving much if anything using them. Add in the time to cut out and organize coupons and it just wasn’t worth it for us.
  • The newspaper supports a viewpoint that I just don’t agree with.
  • Their web interface looks like 2001.

As if I needed another reason, when I emailed them to request cancelation. I didn’t get any reply. No retention offer, no sorry to hear you are leaving, nada. How did I know the cancellation took effect? The paper didn’t arrive today on my door step, which prompted me to check my online account and confirm that it was canceled. Great customer service…