YNAB: Cleaning up downloaded OFX and QFX files with Hazel

With You Need A Budget (YNAB), you can import a QFX or OFX file from your bank to help reconcile your transactions. However if you are like me, you probably now have a bunch of stray QFX or OFX files hanging around in your download folder. After this list reached 50 files recently, it made me wonder…could I use Hazel to automate cleanup of this folder so I don’t have to worry about it myself?

The answer is yes. A simple rule with two conditions are all that’s needed.

Hazel with OFX rule

This Hazel rule is simply matching whether the extension is a OFX file and whether the date added to my computer is not today. If both match, the file is moved to the trash. I have a similar rule for QFX files. Since I never use the QFX or OFX files after the day I download them, there is incredibly low risk with this rule. And one more bit of my computer life automated.