How a hornet killed my Macbook

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day for me. Nothing seemed to go right…and then a hornet became involved to take it another level.

I was outside doing some maintenance on my snowblower in preparation for winter. You may be thinking, why do this maintenance in late October? It’s not going to snow for awhile, even in New Hampshire! Well, a couple years ago we received a foot of snow on Halloween, knocking out power for three days…so I rather not chance fate. Plus it was a gorgeous ~60 degree day, which certainly beats doing this maintenance when its 40 degrees out or worse.

After a long struggle, I fixed up the snowblower and it fired up first try without issues. I collected all of my tools and brought them inside, along with my can of beer (Sam Adams Octoberfest for those wondering) that I had been drinking. Came inside, put away the tools, grabbed my home Macbook Pro (mid-2010 13″) and my beer, then began catching up on a few things.

I took a sip of my beer and then realized suddenly that something that wasn’t beer entered my mouth. My first thought was to immediately spit the beer and the object out. Unfortunately the Macbook was in front of me and took the brunt of the damage. And there, laying on my Macbook keyboard, was a dead and very saturated hornet. It must have went into┬áthe beer can when I was working outside, drowned, and stayed in there until I took a drink. I wish I thought of taking a photo.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m absolutely petrified of bees, hornets, etc. This took that to a whole new level. And then damn thing killed my Macbook’s trackpad, caping off a frustrating day. The trackpad no longer will click and intermittently stops recognizing my finger when using it.

A follow up post will detail my thought process on a replacement Mac.


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