Worst case turns into best case

A couple of days ago, I walked out of my house as part of my morning routine to head to work. Throwing my bag into my car, it suddenly dawned on me to check the status of my propane tank used for my kitchen stove. I didn’t want to run out of propane over the winter. Walking behind the house, I notice a couple of shingles laying on the walkway.

I walked into the backyard and moved further back until I could see the spot. Yep, the roof had lost a couple of shingles, exposing the black paper underneath.

Uh oh. Especially when the forecast called for torrential rain and especially since you hear horror stories about how expensive roofs are. I’m already mentally subtracting from my emergency fund. That is what the emergency fund is for, but man, this sucks.

At this point, I didn’t know what to do. I had never dealt with roof repairs before. I quickly determined there was no way I would climb on the roof when it was raining and potentially slippery. I’m not even sure I would go up there when it was bone dry. I decided to put out a call for help on Facebook to see if anyone knew a roofer.

My real estate agent (and friend) quickly responded, providing the name of a roofer that she highly recommended. I called him and two hours later, he was at my house. 15 minutes later, the missing shingles were replaced and the roof was whole again. He also said that the roof probably has another 3-5 years of life left.

Total cost? $89. Wow, that could have been so much worse. He told me he could charge far more for repairs, but he doesn’t because he wants me to come back to him when the roof needs replacement. Here’s a man who things the big picture and not how to make a quick buck.

Needless to say, I instantly made a note of his contact information. Customer for life.