Fixing OS X Yosemite wireless printer & scanner driver

Last night I attempted to go through my desk inbox and scan any new documents I had waiting. But Yosemite (OS X 10.10.x) was not recognizing my Epson Workforce 545 wireless all-in-one as a scanner. I could print to it, but not scan. Additionally, in the printer section of System Preferences, there was no Scan tab shown.

I initially looked at Epson’s drivers page for the WorkForce 545, but the page basically said download all drivers from Apple Software Update, which Yosemite helpfully does for you anyways. Although I did verify that Epson’s scan utility worked, which lead me to think it was something up with OS X itself. After some research, I found a video on YouTube that describes how to fix the problem.

Apparently if OS X is using the AirPrint driver for your printer, it doesn’t include the scanner driver. By switching to the real printer driver, not AirPrint, the problem is solved.

Here is a screenshot of when I go to add a printer and the “Use” drop-down shows the AirPrint driver as selected by default:

Before (AirPrint)

Here is a screenshot of me switching to the actual Epson Workforce 545 driver.

After (Epson driver)

And now my scanner software sees the scanner, where before it didn’t:

Scanner software

This should work with any all-in-one printer/scanner device, not just an Epson one.