When Personal Finances Gets Boring

A funny thing has happened since we paid off our last car and a credit card with some medical bills on it: personal finances has gotten a bit boring. Actually, this has been a trend for awhile, but it’s gotten much more evident in these past couple of weeks.

With YNAB, I’m always budgeted a month a head of time, relying on last month’s paycheck to pay this month’s bills. I wake up every morning, shower, get ready, sit down at the kitchen table with my laptop and an OJ in hand. Quickly visiting the various accounts I have, I scan for anything unexpected and download the latest set of transactions to import into YNAB. Since every receipt I have is already entered into YNAB, it’s usually as quick as approving matches for the transactions. Double-check budget categories to ensure we’re on track for the month. Close laptop.

Less than 10 minutes to complete my daily financial check. When a new month arrives, I spend maybe 30 minutes updating some tracking spreadsheets. Done.

The past 8 months I have spent building up YNAB, various spreadsheets I use to track things like retirement contributions and Net Worth. Now, that groundwork has done. Our non-mortgage debt is almost gone outside of a few remaining student loans with small monthly payments.

It’s now about patience.