Six years

Today marked six years since I started at Dyn. I should also note that with this day passing, I will also have worked at Dyn twice as long as any other company I have worked for. Although certainly not in the same role…I have had four big changes in my role over the years and […]

Trying on an Apple Watch

A couple of hours ago, I tried on the Apple Watch for the first time at my local Apple Store. The verdict: the 42mm stainless steel version, especially with the leather loop or Milanese Loop, is stunning. The software, although on used briefly, seems very well executed. For the first time in a while, I could […]

The Greatest Speech You've Never Heard

I had heard about this famous Robert F. Kennedy speech the evening after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, but never watched it until just a few minutes ago. That night, every major city in the United States had riots in reaction to the assassination. Indianapolis, where RFK spoke from the heart? No riots.