Six years

Today marked six years since I started at Dyn. I should also note that with this day passing, I will also have worked at Dyn twice as long as any other company I have worked for. Although certainly not in the same role…I have had four big changes in my role over the years and countless title changes.

What’s my secret to a long career at a fast growth tech company? I think it is learning how to be adaptable and rolling with what a new day brings you. It’s about caring about your customers as much as your teammates. And caring deeply about what you’re building.


Trying on an Apple Watch

A couple of hours ago, I tried on the Apple Watch for the first time at my local Apple Store.

The verdict: the 42mm stainless steel version, especially with the leather loop or Milanese Loop, is stunning. The software, although on used briefly, seems very well executed. For the first time in a while, I could see myself wearing a watch again.

But I am not going to get the Apple Watch, at least to start. It’s personal circumstances that won out. I simply have other priorities that $699 would go a long way towards and the Apple Watch’s benefits don’t outweigh those priorities.

Additionally, in the past six months I have already purchased a new MacBook (due to a liquid incident), a new iPhone (because mine was up for an upgrade and needed one), and a new iPad Air 2 (because my iPad 3 was barely usable anymore). I think I have spent enough on gadgets, at least in the first half of this year. Maybe in the fall I can revisit this. By then, there will probably be a software update or two, probably the full Apple Watch SDK will be out, and we’ll see where the 3rd-party apps take this device.


In the pocket

Still deciding if I am going to buy an Apple Watch on day one, but I’m really intrigued about  the small seconds of time not reaching in your pocket for an iPhone it could end up saving.


The Greatest Speech You've Never Heard

I had heard about this famous Robert F. Kennedy speech the evening after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, but never watched it until just a few minutes ago.

That night, every major city in the United States had riots in reaction to the assassination. Indianapolis, where RFK spoke from the heart? No riots.

Amateur Radio

W1CRG is now live

I’m pleased to say that my original ham radio callsign, KB1AZK, has been retired as of today. I am now known as W1CRG on the airwaves.

Why W1CRG? The last three letters are my initials.