Trying on an Apple Watch

A couple of hours ago, I tried on the Apple Watch for the first time at my local Apple Store.

The verdict: the 42mm stainless steel version, especially with the leather loop or Milanese Loop, is stunning. The software, although on used briefly, seems very well executed. For the first time in a while, I could see myself wearing a watch again.

But I am not going to get the Apple Watch, at least to start. It’s personal circumstances that won out. I simply have other priorities that $699 would go a long way towards and the Apple Watch’s benefits don’t outweigh those priorities.

Additionally, in the past six months I have already purchased a new MacBook (due to a liquid incident), a new iPhone (because mine was up for an upgrade and needed one), and a new iPad Air 2 (because my iPad 3 was barely usable anymore). I think I have spent enough on gadgets, at least in the first half of this year. Maybe in the fall I can revisit this. By then, there will probably be a software update or two, probably the full Apple Watch SDK will be out, and we’ll see where the 3rd-party apps take this device.