Building a home office

I have decided to finally build out a true home office, where I can work and perform important tasks separate from anyone else in the house. I have a room upstairs that seems perfect for the role. It is separate from the rest of the living area, which means it will be quiet, and it is a decent size room so I have plenty of space to utilize.

For a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), I need to do the following:

  • Remove ugly wallpaper from the walls.
  • Prime and paint walls.
  • Hire electrician to fix two electrical outlets in room, as they both currently have an open ground.
  • Replace ugly ceiling light.
  • Move my sitting desk into the room and use a box or something to make a temporary standing desk.
  • Add a nice rug in my desk area.

For the next iteration after, I mulling over:

  • Add book shelves.
  • Refinishing the floors (might be done in MVP while the room is empty).
  • Adding more electrical outlets (might be done in MVP if more convenient and cost reasonable with electrician).
  • Run CAT 6 cable into room for better network connectivity.
  • Building an actual standing desk.
  • Add a nice couch or seat for reading, playing video games, etc.
  • Add speaker system.

I’m sure I will think of a few more additions and there is a possibility I will move a few items from the next phase into the MVP phase if they are more convenient to do then. That said, I am really trying to keep the MVP phase as small as possible, as I want to use this room by the beginning of November.

No pressure.