US moves to rein in spyware

Looks like the US is looking into trying to put some restrictions in place for companies who create spyware. About time. I’d say about 70-80% of the problems that clients have at work have to do with this crap. Question is, will these companies move offshore? This could get as ugly as the spam battle, […]

Smashing Pumpkins

I am in a Smashing Pumpkins (link goes to Billy Corgan’s web site) mood the past 24-hours. Been a few months since I really sat down and listened to one of their albums. It is pretty amazing when you haven’t listened some of your favorite albums for a long time, everything seems so fresh and […]

New layout

Yes, I have changed my layout again. It was one of the styles called WordPress New submitted to Alex King’s wonderful collection of WordPress styles. I plan to make further modifications to it. But right now, it is the closest I have found to what I have wanted in a layout.

About time

You would think that the Red Sox entering Coors Field would be a good thing, especially for the bats (sorry pitchers). The chances of the Red Sox not putting up numbers that were echos of last season were pretty much nill. Of course, the Red Sox managed to lose their offense (and pitching) the first […]

Site updates

Ok, I am slowly bringing the blog back online. I have a new default style called Toni Green (originally created by Chris M.). I have slightly modified it out of the box and I plan on heavily modifying in the near future. Next I need to et some links together for the sidebar and see […]

The Return

Welcome back to the new server for I just got WordPress installed and I am working on restoring my web site. Be patient now. I must say though. This new hosting company I use has FAST servers! Lots to talk about though. I got a flat tire on my car yesterday. $181 later (another […]