Hazel is the ultimate automated file management tool

For years I have struggled on maintaining PDF copies of various important documents (bills, statements, paperwork, etc.). I would occasionally have a day of organizing, but I was wildly inconsistent with how I named my files and folders. It was incredibly frustrating when I needed to find a particular file and had to search multiple […]

When in doubt, backup!

I considered myself to be a very secure geek, who follows recommended practices for keeping my data safe and secure. That is until I read this harrowing account of Mat Honan’s entire digital life being erased and taken over in a matter of minutes. The scary part about this event is that while there was […]

iTunes keeps triggering 'allow incoming connections' dialog from OS X firewall

Ran into an interesting bug with Mac OS X’s Firewall. Every time I launched iTunes, I would be prompted by the firewall whether I wanted to allow incoming connections. Every single time I launched iTunes. Luckily, there is an easy fix according to this Apple support forum post: Doing so has worked perfectly well for […]

Disabling zoom with scrollwheel on Mac OS X

Ever since I have switched to using spaces on my Mac, I have had a maddening intermittent problem that I couldn’t figure out a solution to. Occasionally when I switched spaces using control-arrow on the keyboard, my screen would zoom in and I couldn’t figure out why. Turns out, I apparently sometimes move to fast […]