When your generation runs for office

A former colleague of mine (and friend) Gray Chynoweth is running for the New Hampshire Executive Council this fall (related note: learn more about this odd institution that could only exist in New Hampshire). Last fall another longtime friend Will Stewart won the Alderman Ward 2 seat in Manchester.

It’s good to see my generation starting to really flex their political muscles in the city I call home, Manchester. I strongly believe we can make government a respected and competent institution: it just takes the right people to run and make a difference. If you want to make a difference, I highly suggest checking out the folks at Run For Something.

Women’s March

I’m so inspired by today’s Women’s March in Washington, a day after Donald Trump became President, that I’m thinking of ways to get active in politics. Not sure how, where, when. But it’s going to happen.

Time to contribute and build the real America of the 21st Century.

Yesterday vs. Today

I woke up this morning and noticed the world seems to be running just as it was yesterday.

Looked at my wife and I love her just as much as I did yesterday.

Looked at the church down the road and it seems to operating just as it has been yesterday. Additionally, my faith seems just as strong today as it was yesterday.

Honestly, zero changed for me personally between yesterday and today, except millions across the country now have the same rights I do when they love someone. And that fills me with a tremendous amount of pride for humanity and America. We’re slowly becoming a more perfect union over time, even if we take a step backwards every now and then before sprinting two steps forward.

Thank you Republican presidential candidates for yesterday making my 2016 decision easier, since just about all of your are disqualified in my eyes after your statements regarding the Supreme Court’s decision. Yesterday wasn’t one of the darkest day’s in American history, it was one of its brightest.