Women’s March

I’m so inspired by today’s Women’s March in Washington, a day after Donald Trump became President, that I’m thinking of ways to get active in politics. Not sure how, where, when. But it’s going to happen. Time to contribute and build the real¬†America of the 21st Century.

Yesterday vs. Today

I woke up this morning and noticed the world seems to be running just as it was yesterday. Looked at my wife and I love her just as much as I did yesterday. Looked at the church down the road and it seems to operating just as it has been yesterday. Additionally, my faith seems […]

The Greatest Speech You've Never Heard

I had heard about this famous Robert F. Kennedy speech the evening after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, but never watched it until just a few minutes ago. That night, every major city in the United States had riots in reaction to the assassination. Indianapolis, where RFK spoke from the heart? No riots.