Updates to the blog

A few updates to my blog: I am now using WordPress 3.0 on this blog. I have switched to using the new default theme in WordPress 3.0. Given the lack of discussion on almost all of my posts and the amount of comment spam on old posts I see despite several comment spam plugins, I […]

Get my name right

I could understand back in the day having some odd limit of the number of first characters that will be printed and saved on some old computer systems. This is weeks away from 2010 though and I am still seeing my name occasionally cut off at 10 characters. My full legal first name is Christopher, […]

Google Chrome beta for the Mac

Right now as I write this blog post, I am using the new Google Chrome beta for the Mac. It doesn’t have extensions yet, is buggy at times, and I’m not completely sold on some of its UI choices. Yet it is a serious contender for winning the majority of my web browsing time. I […]

GeoCities shutting down today

For many of us who first started using the World Wide Web back in the day (around 1995-1996), our first web site was often hosted on GeoCities (for more information, read the Wikipedia entry on GeoCities) It was truly a novel concept back then and everyone took full advantage of having their own web sites […]