A little HTTPS for all

One downside of running a self-hosted WordPress site has been the lack of encryption with I’m logged in. This means my login credentials are sent in the clear across the Internet with who knows what three letter agencies and not so innocent folks potentially listening in. This is probably a major reason why I rarely blog […]

And now ChrisGonyea.com is redirected

I am pleased to announce that ChrisGonyea.com is now redirected to a new domain, chris.gonyea.com. This new domain consolidates several domains and will be the home to my future blog writing. Links referencing the old URLs should redirect automatically. If they don’t, please let me know in the comments.

A new home and domain

I’m pleased to announce that my web site / blog now has a new home. I have consolidated my domains from and breakingbrickwalls.net to chris.gonyea.com. Additionally, this is now hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS. Consolidating Domains I’ve been blogging now for about 12 years, with archives dating back 10 years. In the past, whenever I wanted […]