Moving away from Google Apps?

I’ve grown more and more disappointed with Google Apps for my email as time goes on. Probably the biggest issue is the lack of proper support for IMAP, which causes many email clients such as Apple Mail to have issues with syncing to Gmail. Also the continuing bad stories of Google breaking their “do […]

What's next after Google Reader?

I am spending my evening tonight getting my unread count on Google Reader to zero, cleaning up my RSS subscription list, and finding what RSS reader I’m moving to. So far the winner appears to be Feed Wrangler. It seems to be getting solid reviews, it costs what I think is a reasonable amount given […]

RSS Bankruptcy

The other day I declared RSS Bankruptcy. Simply put, the approach of having 250+ RSS feeds categorized across dozens of topical folders in Google Reader had reached the point of being unsustainable. I had too much to read (often 1400+ articles if I didn’t touch it all day) and too little time to do it. […]

Sony's critical error

Reading about how bad the security breach of the PlayStation Network is, I don’t know how I could ever trust Sony again. At least not anytime soon. Waiting six days to tell us that all of our personal information is most likely compromised (including my password) and they cannot guarantee the security of my credit card data? […]

Removing the search bar in Firefox

I like Chrome’s unified search/address bar, but Chrome otherwise just doesn’t fit how I use a web browser. Luckily there is an easy way to make Firefox’s awesome bar do something similar. In fact, it is even more powerful. Customize your Firefox toolbar and remove the search box. Go to your favorite search engine Right-click […]