Cabin Fever

This winter has been brutal and cabin fever has really set in for me. Hours upon hours of shoveling, snowplowing, and roof raking in sometimes heavy snow, cold, and wind. Dressing in layers because our house is not well insulated, is drafty, and we’re just 0.1 degrees away from the coldest February on record.

All of these are conspiring against my productivity and energy levels. I have noticed a huge lack of focus, especially in the past few weeks. All I want to do is relax and do nothing, especially in the evening. I also noticed that I am aimlessly browsing my various digital devices, not really accomplishing anything. I try reading, but just lose focus early on.

I wish I had an easy tip to combat cabin fever, but it’s alluding me so far. Hopefully hints of spring start appearing. This week we will probably go a full seven days between snow events, the longest in a month, although it’s still brutally cold. We’re expecting possible -14 degree (F) temperatures tonight.

The next blizzard

Tonight and into tomorrow we’re expecting about another foot of snow in near blizzard like conditions, after a ~3 week span of major storms every 3-4 days. We’ve already reached the Top 10 snow amounts of all time in these ~3 weeks and we’re rapidly approaching the Top 5. To top it off, we have near 0 degree (F) temperatures and way under 0 when factoring in the windchill.

I’ve been spending all morning roof raking in an attempt to get the massive amount of snow off my house’s and garage’s roofs. It is incredibly tiring work to say the least.

I really hope we have a slow thaw, as much as I wish spring were here. If we have a sudden warm up (or worse, rain), there is going to be massive flooding and roof collapses.

Blizzard of 2013

The northeast area of the United States was hit by an incredible blizzard. Where I live in Manchester, New Hampshire we had about 21″ of snow in about a 24 hour period. Through more snowfall, wind blowing snow around, and cold temperatures (low 20s) I spent about two hours clearing out the driveway with my snowblower (best purchase I’ve ever made.

Front yard and mailbox buried by Blizzard of 2013
Front yard and mailbox buried by Blizzard of 2013


Car Buried in Snow
My Subaru completely buried by Blizzard of 2013