Ham Radio

I am a licensed ham radio operator, Technician Class, with callsign W1CRG (formerly KB1AZK). I first became licensed in 1993 in 5th grade.

Years active

  • 2015-Present (W1CRG)
  • 1993-1996 (KB1AZK)

Bands active

I’m currently active on 2-meters in southern New Hampshire.

Current Gear

Baofeng UV-5R-2 (2-meters & 70cm)

  • Nagoya NA-701 (2-meter & 70cm) antenna – Much better range than the stock rubber ducky antenna included with the UV-5R-2.
  • Baofeng Geniune FTDI USB cable – Ensures I can run CHIRP on my Mac to program the UNV-5R-2¬†without installing drivers.