Applescripts for iTunes

Just about every AppleScript possible for iTunes can be found at Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes. One I just tried and worked brilliantly is Super Remove Dead Tracks. Another one I use on occasion is Make Bookmarkable, which is fantastic for those of you who rip audiobooks from CD’s and would like to put them in the Audiobooks section of […]

iPhone Guided Tour

This guided tour make me want an iPhone. NOW. Unfortunately due to that thing called money (thanks to an upcoming wedding, honeymoon, etc.), I probably won’t get one until 2008. At least by then, the price may drop and stuff like 3G wireless added. When was the last time you saw any cell phone manufacturer […]

Goodbye DRM

So Apple now has high quality DRM-free music on iTunes (for just EMI labels at the moment, but that should change quickly). I went right away to see what songs I had purchased are eligible to be upgraded for $0.30 apiece. Only 4 songs (and 2 of those are songs Katie bought that I wouldn’t […]

Putting the Leopard delay in perspective

Today Apple, Inc. announced that it next version of Mac OS X, codenamed Leopard, will be delayed until October. The initial reaction (just from scanning around various Mac blogs/forums) was outrage for those who were expecting Leopard by WWDC ’07 in June. While I am more disappointed then outraged (after all, OS X Tiger works […]