Reaction to today's Apple WWDC conference

My thoughts on the Apple announcements today at WWDC: Macbook upgrades: makes complete sense to make the 13″ models full Pro models. Lower pricing always helps. Love the fact that you can get 8 GB of RAM in these babys now along with a backlit keyboard even in the 13″ model. 7 hour battery is […]

Backups with Time Capsule

Backups are always a touchy subject. I can’t remember how many times I have listened to a frantic phone call, with a person on the other end near the point of the tears…all over the fact their photos from <insert trip> were on what is now a dead hard drive. The first thing I ask […]

Bye bye WRT54G, hello Time Capsule

My old Linksys WRT54G router, which survived 24/7 operation for over 4 years, numerous firmware upgrades using open source firmwares, and sometimes room temperatures probably in the 90 degree mark has finally died. I noticed this afternoon my wireless signal all the sudden got really flakey and then just flat out stopped. Numerous reboots and […]

iPhone 3G plans are insane

For many years I have wanted the perfect cell phone. I had been sick of unreliable phones,  awful user interfaces, little to no syncing with computers, and cell phone plans that are borderline criminal. I longed for a cell phone that made me proud to use it, not forced to use it. The iPhone fits […]

No more technology debt…

As of today, I have no debt related to technology. My HDTV has officially been paid off. My computer equipment (Macbook, printer, router, etc.) and PS3 have been paid off for awhile. Spending on technology is a weakness of mine. Give how quickly technology depreciates, it is something really hard to keep in check. I […]

First Impressions with Leopard

Here are a few first impressions on my experience of upgrading to OS X 10.5 Leopard: Make sure you do proper backups before upgrading. I cannot stress this enough. I did an erase and install. I hadn’t reinstalled OS X since I got my Macbook and just decided it was as good as time as […]